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Manage Your Membership

Update Card Details or Cancel Membership

To update your payment details, or to cancel your Special iApps Membership subscription, please enter your email address and product key, and select the Manage button. You will be redirected to Paddle, which handles all payment details on behalf of Special iApps.



Lost or Forgotten Membership Product Key

If you have forgotten or lost the product key for your Special iApps Membership, enter your details below.

If we can find a membership associated with the email address you give, we will email the product key to that address. In order to minimise spam, if there is no membership associated with the address, we will not send a message.

If you have any difficulties, please contact us at support@specialiapps.org.



Logout of All Apps

You can logout from here all apps on all devices associated with your membership. You may wish to do this if you have reached the maximum number of devices associated with your membership, or have deleted an app without first logging out.

Enter your email address and product key, and select the Logout button.