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My 1st Signs

Develop Your Sign Vocabulary

Developed in collaboration with parents and teachers of children with special educational needs, and teachers or the deaf, you can quickly select which signs to use to grow and access new vocabulary.

Suitable for use at both home and at nursery or school.

This app can easily be adapted and personalised to meet the needs of each child as their language, vocabulary and communication skills develop.

My 1st Signs is ideal for: 

  • Practising signs with any child, encouraging them to interact and communicate, and for helping the transition from pictures to written words
  • Easy to personalise with your own photos and voice, and own choice of wording
  • Quickly select signs to use, to grow and assess vocabulary
  • Suitable for BSL (British Sign Language) learners and those who use Sign Supported English (SSE) and Makaton

lets-sign-logo.pngOur app includes BSL sign graphics from the popular Let’s Sign BSL Series by Cath Smith, along with matching pictures, written words and optional use of spoken words. BSL is a living community language and like all languages, it is rich with variation and regional dialects. The app included over 150 words and pictures and over 200 corresponding Let’s Sign illustrations to include the most commonly used and regional variations within BSL.

My 1st Signs is available for iPad.


We also have a detailed user guide for My 1st Signs which you can read by clicking the button below.

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