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There are three ways that you can purchase our apps:


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All of our apps are available to purchase on Apple’s App Store. To find them, simply search for Special iApps and select the app you would like to purchase. Alternatively, just click on the Download on the App Store badge at the top right on any page of our website, or click the button below. 

Special Words and Special Stories are also available for Android devices on Google Play. To find our apps on Google Play, first select the "Apps" category and then search for Special iApps. You can also click on the Get It On Google Play button at the top right on any page of our website. 

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As a bundle on the App Store

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Our bundles bring together our award-winning apps to encourage learning, at a discounted price. When used together, our apps provide children with a wide range of activities to encourage learning in small steps without distractions. Bundles are currently only available on the App Store.

To find our bundles, either search for Special iApps or for the particular name of the bundle you are interested in on the App Store.You can also click on the Download on the App Store badge at the top of our website and you will be redirected to the Special iApps page.

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Through Apple School Manager

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If not already registered, register your school with Apple School Manager. You will then be able to purchase licences and download apps from the Volume Purchase Programme (VPP) for Education. You must have enough licences for each app to cover all the devices you install it on. A 50% discount is provided for educational institutions that purchase 20 or more copies of the same app for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

If you have more than a few iPads, we recommend you use Apple School Manager and an MDM solution (providers include Lightspeed and Jamf) to deploy apps and manage licences.

You can also deploy our Android apps on Chromebooks. For a brief overview, read our blog article. Contact us about purchasing options.

To find our apps on the store, search for Special iApps, or just click on the Download for your School badge at the top of our website. This will take you directly to the Special iApps page on the store.

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