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Lanchester EP Primary School

Lanchester EP Primary School is based in County Durham in the North East of England. It is a mainstream school supporting 419 children aged 3 to 11 years, 86 pupils have additional needs. The school trialled Special Words, Special Numbers and Match & Find for 5 weeks with 3 children who have Special Educational Needs in their 1:1 sessions from December 2018 through to January 2019.


“The apps have been a fantastic resource for us, saving us time when supporting our children who have additonal needs. They are unique and I've not seen anything else like them and there are plenty resources in the apps to engage children as well as having the ability to add your own resources and personalise. We see more children coming through our school who have additional needs and these apps have saved us time. Children like the idea of using iPads in schools, they see it as a treat and it's different. It's a learning tool we use alongiside our other resources.”

Sarah Boyd (Teaching Assistant)


“I like the apps. They are so easy to use. I like the settings in the apps so I can set the difficulty level and also switch it so that she can use different objects to count. She has surprised us by how fast she can complete the activities and how advanced she is by showing us what she has learnt. When she started with Special Numbers she knew 1 to 5 and has now progressed to 1 to 20.”

Sam Race (Teaching Assistant)

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