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Learning During Lockdown

During the Coronavirus lockdown, many families began homeschooling for the first time. Emily and her daughter Rosalyn turned to Special iApps to support learning during this time. 

Rosalyn is 4 years old and starts reception (preschool) this coming September. She had been attending the school's nursery for 2 years before the lockdown forced schools to close and everyone to teach their children at home. 

Rosalyn's Mum, Emily, first heard about Special iApps at the start of the lockdown from another parent in the Down Syndrome group Sparkles that they are a part of. "At the beginning of lockdown I was really struggling to get Rosalyn to do anything school related. From the very first time we switched on Special Words she was really keen to try. The app is very intuitive and easy for her to use. Prior to this, she had only ever used the iPad for watching cartoons so I thought she would struggled but she didn't at all!"

One of the biggest areas of concern for Emily when Rosalyn starts mainstream school is her lack of speech sounds, "but her signing is starting to improve and apps like Special Words really show how much she can do! I love when she uses the app she signs and attempts to vocalise some of the words."

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Special Words

Special Words, which is designed for speech and language development, includes 96 written and spoken words, and can easily be personalised with your own words, photos and voice. You can also share content between devices which is fantastic for home-school communication and sending homework from school or speech therapy sessions.

If you're new to Special iApps, you can also try our free 14-day trial of the app, Special Words Web, which you can sign up for here