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Special Stories Tooth Fairy

Lindsey got in touch with us after the success she had using Special Stories to support her daughter after losing her first tooth. She used this opportunity to also encourage her daughter to give up using her dummies. 

"Just wanted to share success story of using special iapps social story. My daughter is 5 and very attached to her dummy, we have tried before to take it off her but no success.

Last week she lost her first baby tooth so took the opportunity to create a social story and let the tooth fairy take her dummies. She has been without now for 6 nights and didn't even ask for it last night!" Lindsey Robinson.

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Special Stories

Designed to break learning down into small steps, Special Stories is the perfect tool to help children and young adults prepare for social situations and changes ahead. Create social stories, visual schedules, explain step-by-step tasks, and develop reading skills through stories personalised with your own photos, text and audio. Share the stories you create with friends, family and school staff to support continued development.