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We credit Special Words with kick-starting my daughters reading and now at very nearly 10, she is a fantastic reader.

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Sarah Sutton for ChatterPack

Special Spelling is definitely helping my daughter. One thing is that it’s a great way of seeing the spellings she knows securely, without the handwriting difficulty she has to overcome. I feel that I know that she can spell certain words but school doesn’t as they don’t use the app! Her new school will! 

Rose Payne, Parent

Special iApps are very good, as your advertising says, uncluttered pages, clear text etc. I liked the Special Stories app which gives students the opportunity to personalise their writing. Well done!

Ro O'Dwyer, Education Consultant at Down Syndrome Victoria

The ease in which my daughter started using the apps on her iPad without my guidance was impressive.

Daniel Payne, Chief Executive Officer of Down Syndrome Victoria

Special iApps are fantastic apps that cater for children with Special Educational Needs. In our opinion, the team at Special iApps have thought of everything to ensure children with SEN can enjoy and achieve using their apps.  Perhaps the most exciting part of their apps is that parents and teachers can fully personalise them, taking into account a child’s likes and dislikes and to ensure they meet their child’s needs.

Georgina Durrant, The SEN Resources Blog

I can’t recommend Special Stories highly enough. You can use it with children from a very young age and then all the way through their education. My daughter Rachel is in Year 9 and still uses it. She is doing a BTEC in home cooking skills and her Teaching Assistant takes pictures of her making the recipes so she has them all recorded as Special Stories to help her with remembering her skills to make the meals again at home.

Gillian Bowlas, Parent and Charity Manager at Downright Special

Overall this app is an excellent way to help the user understand all the different parts to a number: the name, symbol, value and order. The different settings under each activity really help to make this a great app for users of all abilities.


There are a number of principles that have been followed to ensure that Match & Find works well for children who might find other educational apps overwhelming or inaccessible. Their success is what makes this such a well-rounded and useful app.

Educational App Store

A very complete application with multiple options that's already part of our essential kit.

Lupe Montero , specialist in ASD and educational technology in Spain, author of the Aulautista Blog

The clear graphics which we have come to expect from Special iApps and the option to increase the number of pictures or words to extend the challenge makes this a very flexible app.

Hilary Stock, computer-assisted learning specialist at The Champion Centre in New Zealand

We like the clean, simple interface that provides a play environment free of distraction.

Teachers and therapists can use this app to help develop and/or test audio or visible memory by adjusting presets. Match & Find is also a great app for speech therapy sessions.


This app was really popular with our testers, who really enjoyed practising their maths skills. Children loved the round of applause when they answered correctly and this really helped to spur them on! There are lots of games to choose from and this variety helps keep children interested in practising over and over again.

Fundamentally Children

As with all the Special iApps, Special Numbers is well thought out, has beautiful clear images and is easy to use. However, one of the best attributes of the app is how versatile it is and how easily you can tailor it for your child / the child you are working with.

Now, obviously this app is well designed for teaching early numeracy skills, but being a speech and language therapist, I love looking at apps and seeing how I can use them in therapy. Counting is actually something I find myself doing in therapy, not to support number acquisition but to help with sound production. Even just going through the numbers 1-10, you have a good range of sounds at the beginning and ends of words and those tricky /f/ and /s/ sounds.

Speech Blog UK

Overall this app is an excellent way to help the user understand all the different parts to a number: the name, symbol, value and order. The different settings under each activity really help to make this a great app for users of all abilities.


The main thing that I love about this app is how versatile it is. There are so many ways that you could use it.

Speech Blog UK

If you want a universal, intuitive way of creating personalized visual sequences, an app that can easily be used solo by older children and adults that also has some fantastic functionality, then Special Stories is well worth a look. It is also switch accessible so if that's a feature you need then buy the app because it is terrific.

Small But Kinda Mighty

There are so many ways to use Special Stories... creating social stories to teach social skills, showing the steps of a task procedure (hand washing, recipe, etc...), and creating talking story books.

There are a number of other special features that make this app stand out from others in its category.


We loved the way the app could be tailored to the needs of a specific child, with so many different options. It can be used to create a visual timetable; as a record of a specific event; as a way to develop language in a certain area; as a family photo album, and more! This feels like the kind of app users would keep coming back to.

Fundamentally Children

Special Stories is an excellent app and definitely one of the best of its type on the market.

The app is particularly useful for creating social stories for children with Autism or Down syndrome.

However, the ways in which Special Stories can be used is not limited to social stories alone and the app can be used for a variety of literacy purposes.

Educational App Store

I am very pleased with the progress of my children with severe speech disorders. They will not be able to follow a system where they sound out the letters in a word – they need a whole word approach and this app is a fantastic start for them.

Speech Blog UK

In our educational centre, we are using it with some very young children and we are getting good results, as it is attractive to them, simple to use, and allows us to address different aspects such as visual matching, global reading, visual discrimination, and so on.


Our little testers really enjoyed playing the app, especially the praise when they got the answer right! Parents loved that they could customise the app with their own words, pictures and sounds; this means that the app can be used to support sight words being learned in school.

Fundamentally Children