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Shapes and Colours Resources

Help children to recognise and identify differences between shapes and colours with our range of resources.

Our colours and shapes resources support children's early development, focusing on important concepts to improve language and numeracy skills. By working through the card matching activities, children will also develop their fine motor skills, coordination, concentration and perseverance to complete a task

All the following resources are available exclusively in Special Words Plus and Special Stories Plus.

The text included in these resources are currently available in English, but you can edit the words to use these resources in any language.


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Being able to correctly identify different colours is an important part of a child's development. Use our two colour resources to support language development, helping children to recognise colours and their name. 

The best way for children to understand colours is through repetition and slowly explanding their vocabuluary. Increase the cards per page in our Colours word list, or move onto our Colours - Objects resource, which provides a range of common objects in different colours for children to work with. This resource focuses on children understanding concepts about colour and being able to identify them within everyday life. 

2D and 3D Shapes

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special-words-3d-shapes-resource.jpg     special-words-3d-shapes-colours-resource.jpg

Being able to identify different shapes provides an important foundation to a range of numeracy skills. The four word lists we have created all about shapes will help children to recognise and name different shapes and their attributes.

Our 2D Shapes and 3D Shapes resources focus on a range of shapes, in just black and white to highlight the outline of the shape. The other resources, 2D Shapes - Colours and 3D Shapes - Colours, feature the same shapes but in a wide range of colours. These resoures aim to develop children's comprehension and ability to identify different shapes and colours. 

Understanding shapes helps children to make connections between objects and be more aware of the world around them. A great way to develop upon these resources is to ask children to look for certain shapes and colours in their home, school and while you're out and about to relate learning to everyday life.