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Apps for Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

At Special iApps, we have a long-standing reputation for developing special education apps to support children of all abilities.

Since 2011, we have been supporting children with special educational needs and special education teachers worldwide. Beginning from personal experiences, we have developed our apps over the years in collaboration with educators, therapists/pathologists and parents of children with learning disabilities and additional needs.

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  • Our apps are free from visual and auditory distractions that can upset and distract
  • They're designed to break learning down into manageable steps
  • Easily personalised, to harness the child's interests and avoid their dislikes
  • Tested and recommended by special education teahcers and international experts in ASD

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Cerebral Palsy

  • Our apps work even if your child accidentally taps more than once, or struggles to keep their finger on the screen.
  • Children with poor fine-motor can use our apps because even a small overlap is recognised as correct
  • Activities in our apps are not timed, you can take as long as needed
  • A number of our apps support the use of adaptive switches

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Down Syndrome

  • All apps are developed by parents of children with Down syndrome
  • Actvities are visually clear and simple
  • Easily personalised, and designed to grow with your child
  • Enable learning in small steps, with no negative rewards
  • Recommended by Down syndrome organisations worldwide

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Dyslexia and Dyspraxia

  • The use of the OpenDyslexic font which was designed to be easier to read for many people with Dyslexia. 
  • Response to a child's intention when tapping or dragging
  • Activities are not timed
  • Where there are animations, we provide settings to adjust their speed
  • Supporting teachers and students throughout the classroom to adapt learning

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Hearing Impairment 

  • All our apps are developed from direct experience of hearing impairment
  • No distracting background sounds
  • Included audio is clear and spoken slowly
  • Options are included to select when audio is used
  • All of our apps can be used without audio
  • Several apps allow you to record your own voice

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Extra Support

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Apps for switch support

A number of our apps have dedicated switch support, to empower children to use this assistive technology.

Not all of the facilities in our apps are switch-enabled. An adult who can use a touch screen will need to operate the device to adjust settings and add personalised content.

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OpenDyslexic font support those with Dyslexia

Our apps include an option to use an OpenDyslexic font (as shown above in Special Words). This font was designed to be easier to read for many people with Dyslexia.