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Special Numbers

Develop Early Number Skills

We have designed the app in collaboration with parents, teachers and educational psychologists, with reference to research into how children acquire mathematical skills.

The app provides you with a choice of objects and font to use, an adjustable number range between 1 and 20, as well as changeable speed of animation and the use of sound. 

Help your child develop early number skills:

  • Wide range of activities: counting, matching, ordering, comparing and selecting
  • Easily configured to suit different abilities and interests
  • Develop hand-eye coordination
  • Improve fine motor skills
  • All activities have been created to be accessible and hold the attention of children with additional needs, as well as typically developing children

The user interface and Quick Start Guide are provided in 11 languages, but you can quickly and easily replace text and audio to use in any language.

Special Numbers is available for Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.


We also have a detailed user guide for Special Numbers which you can read by clicking the button below

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