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Special Sentences

Improve Reading and Sentence Building

Support emerging readers by creating resources tailored to individual learning needs.

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Adapt school work to encourage sentence building, comprehension, listening skills and confidence in reading.

Why Special Sentences?

Create unlimited topics

Build sentences with your own personalised photos, text and audio.

Clear and colourful illustrations

Includes a range of sentences to get you started, then have fun creating your own.

Enhance literacy skills

Transition from reading words to sentences while developing an understanding of sentence structures, grammar and punctuation.


Special Sentences "William jumped on the trampoline."

Editing a topic in Special Sentences

Topics in any language

Create sentences in language language or support children with English as an Additional Language

Adapt resources

Edit sentences as skills increase and confidence in reading develops to suit changing abilities.

Develop reading skills

Improve sight-word recognition to support children to read fluently.

Share topics

Transfer to and from Special Stories, to other devices and other users.

Adjustable settings

Change the settings to provide new challenged to learning and suit individual concentration levels.

App support

Detailed user guide and how-to videos to help you to get the most out of the app.

Special Sentences "The teacher helps me to learn"

Compare Editions

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Special Sentences

  • Paid app from App Store, Google Play and Amazon
  • For iPad, iPhone, Android and Chromebook
  • Create your own topics
  • Wide range of adjustable settings
  • Share content between apps and devices

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Special Sentences Plus

  • Coming later this year! Sign up to our newsletter to find out when it's released
  • Everything in Special Sentences
  • Choice of monthly or yearly subscription
  • Free 14-day trial included
  • For iPad, iPhone, Android, Chromebook, Windows and Mac: see list of supported versions
  • 90+ downloadable resources with more coming soon

What our users say

"The controls to write our own sentences are familiar as we have used Special Stories so often. We use it to support her learning to structure simple questions which is our current target, and match it to the books she loves to read.”

Andrea, Parent and Speech Therapist

“I thought this was an excellent app that could entirely be tailored to the user’s needs. The sentence can be as short or complex as you wish. I particularly like the fact the punctuation is included and reinforced.”

Sarah Sutton, Parent and Founder of Sign In School. Read More ►