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Supporting Speech and Language Specialists

Language building is essential during the early years of a child’s life, as this is when most of the pathways for developing speech, language and cognitive skills are formed

The ability to use our apps for curriculum and therapy work means you are able to target specific areas of a child’s development, helping them to reach their communication and speech goals. You are able to adapt and develop the content you create as the child’s vocabulary increases, their sound production improves and they are ready to advance to a new set of challenges.

Our apps are effective and engaging for speech and language therapy, designed to support a range of speech, language and communication needs. In particular, they help to develop:

  • Articulation of words
  • Expressive language
  • Receptive language
  • Language acquisition 
  • Social skills integration
  • Sight word vocabulary
  • Speaking with clarity
  • Understanding of verbal instruction

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Special Words and Special Words Pro

By being able to create your own Word Lists, you can very quickly produce visual aids that children can use during a session. With our Pro edition, you are provided with the ability to print from the app, meaning technology and paper-based resources can work together. You can tailor the content to use photographs of things they like or can related to, for example, pictures of themselves, their family, objects they own, places they know…

Part of speech and language acquisition is being able to hear and understand verbal prompts. Working closely with speech and language therapists/pathologists, we designed the Sound to Picture and Sound to Word activities. They were developed to encourage speech and test listening abilities. Children can demonstrate their understanding of verbal instructions, their sight-word recognition and ability to follow instructions by selecting the matching cards in the activities. 

With the feature of being able to create your own word lists, you can build specific profiles to target areas of language development, for example “s” and “t” sounds which can be quite difficult to master for a number of children. 

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Special Stories

This app is widely used in collaboration with Special Words to reinforce learning and support a child’s school curriculum. Through the ability to share content between apps, children can develop from single words, to short phrases and onto fuller, more complex, sentences.

The improvement of speech and language is helped through the development of social skills. When using Special Stories one-to-one or as part of a group, children often become more willing to share and take turns with those around them. They cooperate with adults and their peers, and effectively follow instructions. 

One important feature of both Special Stories and Special Words is the ability to record your own voice. This can provided a valuable assessment for speech and language therapists to measure progress. A child can read the word or sentence out loud and when recorded in the apps, it can create a history of their speech over time. Many children have never heard their own voice played back to them. Through listening to their speech in the apps, it can help to improve their articulation of words and to build their confidence around speech, language and communication. 

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Special Numbers

As well as being used in homes and schools to support number acquisition, Special Numbers is also supporting therapists/pathologists in speech and language sessions to help children with sound production.  By simply going through the numbers 1 to 10, as explained by Speech Blog UK, you are provided with a range of sounds at the beginning and ends of words, as well as “f” and “s” sounds which can often be quite tricky. 

Download our apps

Special Words, Special Stories and Special Numbers are available for you to purchase from the Apple App Store, Google Play and Amazon Appstore.

Special Words Pro is available from the App Store only.

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