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Help Educate Children with Special Educational Needs

Support us in improving educational outcomes for children with special educational needs and disabilities around the world.


If you are able to, please make a donation, however small.

Special iApps is a non-profit, and we reinvest all income after essential costs, to continue helping children with learning disabilities, including those in poorer countries.

Our donation process is quick and secure.

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In 2019, Special iApps co-founder Colin Dean visited Albania, a former communist country in Eastern Europe. As a guest of Down Syndrome Albania, he trained parents and staff in using our apps, translated into Albanian by volunteers at the charity. The trip was funded by a donation from the Vodafone Foundation, and the parents were given Samsung tablets donated by Vodafone Albania, with installed apps donated by Special iApps.


Join our worldwide community of volunteer translators. They include parents, teachers, speech therapists, and charity workers, who all want Special iApps to be accessible to children using their language. With their assistance, our Special Words app has so far been translated into 27 languages, Special Stories into 18, and our website is currently available in 10 languages.

We frequently receive requests for additional language support, and you can contribute by translating content for our apps and related materials. If you are a native speaker of a language (or languages) other than English, and can offer some of your time, please do so. No technical expertise is required!

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All of our apps are developed with the benefit of real user feedback. If you would be interested in helping us to shape our apps or in testing new products and features, we’d love to hear from you.

Have you found our apps of particular benefit to your child or student's development, or would you be interested in taking part in a trial? To discuss without obligation, select the button below to contact us.

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You can share your research expertise or experience of using our apps in your school or other setting, or by taking part in one of our case studies.

In the future we also intend to offer options for charities who wish to purchase our apps, to give for free (or offer at a discount) to their members. Please let us know if your organisation would be interested.

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Special iApps Champion Badge

Special iApps wouldn’t be the same without the families, teachers, speech therapists and charities who advocate for us. Are you passionate about the benefits of our apps, and keen to spread awareness and knowledge about how and where they can be used? If so, share your expertise by becoming an official Special iApps Champion.

Champions are entitled to free copies of our apps (for personal use), discounted training and one-to-one support. You can also choose to be featured on our website.

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Don't forget that you can submit reviews and ratings of apps on the app stores. Doing so helps others have the confidence to download our apps, so they can aid the development of their own children or pupils.

However, if you've found an issue with one of our apps, please contact us directly, rather than via the store - we are always here to assist you, and usually able to provide a solution the same day.