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Teach Me Too and Special iApps

Teach Me Too resources are now available with a Special iApps Membership

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Who are Learn and Thrive?

Learn and Thrive are a charity dedicated to supporting learners with Down’s syndrome and other additional learning needs to access specialist support to help them learn and thrive. They provide online tools to support those learners who may require different strategies and approaches to learning, using digital tools to empower children and adults to thrive throughout their lives.

We have made resources available in collaboration with Learn and Thrive to use alongside their Teach Me Too videos. You can access the Teach Me Too Project and other digital learning projects and tools via the Learn and Thrive website.

What is Teach Me Too?

Teach Me Too is a free, online video library, focusing on early learning concepts, language, and skills, engaging the children with fun topics and learning through play. The videos are produced by specialist teachers and speech and language therapists and are specifically designed to support the learning profile of children with Down’s syndrome.

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Teach Me Too and Special iApps

We're thrilled to be partnering with Learn and Thrive to bring you Teach Me Too resources to support further learning and understanding of the language and vocabulary used in Teach Me Too’s Early Years curriculum videos.

To consolidate knowledge our children need concepts approached in a variety of ways, that's why Learn and Thrive are determined to support different strategies of learning to best suit your learner’s needs.

This collaboration will give many of you another avenue to help your children and young people reach their full potential. Both Special iApps and Learn and Thrive have a common goal of striving to empower our community to provide a better future, so this collaboration allows us to provide a toolkit of resources to support learning and development.

Downloading Resources 

Artwork to support the Teach Me Too resources have been created and supplied by Special iApps.

To download and use the Teach Me Too resources in our Plus apps, follow these steps:

  1. Visit Teach Me Too and login if you already have a free Teach Me Too account, or select the option to create one. Once logged into this page, make a note of the "access code" shown (which starts with "TMT").
  2. If you have not already done so, join the Special iApps membership. Then install and login to our Special Words Plus, Special Stories Plus or Special Spelling Plus app, following the instructions in your welcome email.  Your 29-character product key to log into the app is included in the email.
  3. In Special Words Plus and Special Spelling Plus go to Word List > Actions > Import Word List. In Special Stories Plus go to Actions > Import Stories. Select Download > Teach Me Too, and when prompted for your download code, enter your access code from step 1. You will only need to enter this code once.

Available Resources

Teach Me Too add-ons are currently available in Special Words Plus, Special Stories Plus and Special Spelling Plus. These resources are grouped together in categories (see below) which relate to specific Teach Me Too videos and topics.

Exploring Language

Each category contains a full vocabulary set and resources relating to the hand clapping rap, initial sound activity and time to rhyme.

  • What Colour?
  • Big and Little
  • Money and Shopping
  • What's that Shape?
  • More or Less
  • Text All Around Me
  • The Weather
  • Materials
  • The Bean that Grew
  • I've Got a Body

Exploring Language resource in Special Words Plus app

Coming Soon!

We will have many more word lists available soon to download. You will soon be able to enjoy resources relating to:

  • Language Through Play
  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Wider Curriculum

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Have an Idea for a Resource?

If there is a particular resource you would like to see, or think some of our existing resources need enhancements or updates, we'd love to hear from you. Send us your ideas to support@specialiapps.org.