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Time Resources

Learning to tell the time can be a difficult concept for many children, so we've created some time resources to help!

We have provided a large range of Time resources with different clock faces to help children beome fluent in telling the time and learn the language associated with this skill. These resources include several different visual ways of telling the time through multiple clock faces, and are broken down into Hours and different Intervals.

Choose to learn just the hours (1 o'clock, 2 o'clock, 3 o'clock...), the intervals in increments of 5 minutes (5 minutes past 1, 5 minutes past 2, 5 minutes past 3...) or learn all the intervals within 12 hours (5 minutes past 1, 10 minutes past 1, quarter past 1...). With the varitety of resources on offer children can being to learn the time, and once they are confident with their new skills, you can use the word lists to reinforce their knowledge, test what they know and highlight any areas of development. 

For many children, starting with an analogue clock provides with the foundations for telling the time, before moving onto something harder like a digital clock. The visual clock face of an analogue clock make comprehension easier as children can see the numbers and break the clock into sections. To support children learning to tell the time with the Roman Numerals clock face, we have a collection of resources with the numbers 1-20 in roman numerals (one with written words and one with numbers).

Teaching Tips

Special Words Plus app icon

In Special Words Plus customise the settings so that the clock faces are played in order to help children learn to tell the time. Once they have mastered a clock face and time, change the settings (see user guide) to shuffle the cards on the page or increase the amount of cards per page to add an extra challenge and reinforce their knowledge of time.

You can also personalise the resource within the app by replacing the clocks with photos of clocks from around your own home that your children see every day. Take the resources one step further by editing the text to ask questions such as "what time is school?" or "what time is bedtime?"

The resources come with images and matching words (in English only), but you can easily change the text to use it in any language or modify the wording to suit personalised learning. By default the apps text-to-speech voice is used but you can record your own audio.

Time - O'clock

Clock face 1 o'clock


Digital clock - 11 o'clock

Digital, 12-hours

Digital clock - 20:00

Digital, 24-hours

Clock face with no numbers - 7 o'clock

No Numbers

Number clock - 5 o'clock

 Numbers (o'clock)

Roman Numeral Clock - 2 o'clock

Roman Numerals (o'clock)

Time - All Intervals

Analogue clock - 25 to


Digital clock - 12:45


Numbers clock - half past


No Numbers Clock - 5 past

No Numbers

Roman Numerals Clock - quarter past

Roman Numerals

Time - 5 Minute intervals

Available with all clock faces: analogue, digital, no numbers, numbers and roman numerals.


(5 minutes past)


(10 minutes past)


(quarter past)


(20 minutes past)


(25 minutes past)


(half past)


(25 minutes to)


(20 minutes to)


Analogue (quarter to)


Analogue (10 minutes to)


Analogue (5 minutes to)