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Training Workshops

You want to get the most out of our apps and your mobile devices, so your children can learn effectively and enjoy doing so. And in turn so you can save yourself time and headaches.

Our popular training workshops are all about the benefits of apps and tablets for teaching children in early years and those with additional needs. Our apps are really easy for children to use, and give you lots of control to configure and personalise them to suit each child as they progress. We can show you how to best use them, and the evidence for how they help children progress in so many ways. Whether you're an expert with technology, or hesitant you might break it, we can help you do more and do it more easily.

Each workshop is individually tailored to your needs, with a mixture of demonstration and hands-on exploring, typically covering:

  • Our apps and how you can get the most out of them
  • How to find other good educational apps
  • Setting up your iPads for children
  • Connecting to speakers, whiteboards, switches, etc.
  • Backups, recovering and sharing content
  • Grants for iPads and peripherals

How Much Will it Cost?

Our current all-inclusive prices for workshops held in the UK are: £ 450 without overnight stop / £ 500 or £ 600 with stop *

* The lower price applies if you arrange and pay for dinner and overnight accommodation for our trainer.

These prices are subject to you providing projector and screen, and printing the delegate workbooks (which we will email to you in advance). We endeavour to avoid an overnight stop, but depending on distance and timing this may not be practicable.

For overseas prices, please contact us.

We will arrange to tailor your workshop to your needs, which is a great option for a CPD day, and our prices do not depend on how many people attend. You can club together with other schools, nurseries, support groups or professionals in the educational field to save money. 

For more information, please get in touch! We will be happy to discuss how we can help you, without obligation.

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