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Special Sentences User Guide - How To Play

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Special Sentences - activity

To work on a topic, tap its title text or picture in the main view. The topic's first sentence will be shown, and the sentence will be spoken. If you have the Text Hint setting set to Always Hint then the sentence to complete will be shown in blue, if this setting is set to Flashed Hint then the sentence will be briefly shown before disappearing. You can also choose to have no hint, helping children to develop their listening skills instead of relying of visual hints.

Below this, all the words and punctuation need to complete the sentence are provided. To place them in the correct order, simply drag each card to the appropriate position. If you need to hear the full sentence again, tap the image. You can also tap the word cards to hear the individual words. Having correctly placed all the words in the sentence, you can move onto the next page by pressing the blue arrow that appears.

There is an option to present a reward when all the words in a sentence have been correctly positioned: this wiggles all the cards and plays applause. The reward is enabled by default, but you can disable it in the app's Settings (see Chapter 7). Other settings include options to display the text on the cards in uppercase, lowercase, sentence case or title case, as well as being able to select a different font.

To return to the main view showing the list of topics, tap the < button or app icon at the top left.

You can reveal the topic's table of contents, by tapping the sentence number to the right of the app icon. Tap the entry for any sentence to select it, or tap the sentence number at the top again to close. To prevent the table of contents from being shown, disable editing in the app's Settings.

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