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Special Sentences User Guide - Introduction

This guide is for Android and Chromebooks. We have another guide for Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

Special Sentences - default topics

Special Sentences supports emerging readers and writers by encouraging sentence building, improving reading, grammar, and comprehension, as well as improving sight-word vocabulary. Learning to read and understand sentence structures allows children to develop socially, culturally, emotionally and intellectually. Special Sentences can be used alongside Special Words to support the recognition of sight words through whole word matching activities, as well as Special Stories to develop independent reading skills. 

The app allows you to create sentence building activities tailor to support children’s individual learning needs. They can be based around any topic, and can be personalised with your own photographs and text. Special Sentences allows children to practice their writing, reading and comprehension skills withouth becoming intimidated by a full page of text. After creating your topics, you will be able to use them in the sentence building activity of Special Sentences. Children are provided all the words and puncuation need to complete the sentence, then drag them into the correct order before moving onto the next piece of text, supporting them to become independent writers.

You can create as many topics as you wish, and update them again later. Each topic can have any number of pages, and each page can have a photo and several lines of text. A choice of large and small text sizes, in an easy to read font, allows for either short phrases or longer sentences.

You can easily transfer your topics between devices, using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or email. You can have more than one set of topics, or collection in the app, and this can be especially useful if working with more than one child. You can save time by sharing your topics between our apps Special Stories app. The app has built-in help you can access by tapping the menu button at the top right in the main view.

The user interface is currently available in English, however you can create topics in any language your child or student uses. If you think this app would be beneficial in another language, get in touch by sending us an email to support@specialiapps.org.