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My 1st Signs User Guide - Settings

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my-1st-signs-ios-settings.pngWhen viewing the Sign Categories you can access the app's settings by tapping the Options button at the top right, and selecting Settings.

  • Animation Speed

    Slide to the left to slow down the pace of all activities, or to the right to speed them up.

  • Advancing to Next Page

    If you set this to Automatic, the Look & Sign activity will move to the next page after you tap the sign, picture or written word, and the other activities will move to the next page after you correctly identify the matching object. This is off by default.

  • Play When Show

    If this is on (the default) the word for the sign is spoken when each page in an activity appears. Turn off to suppress.

  • Play When Tap

    If this is on (the default) the word for the sign is spoken when you tap the sign or picture in the Look & Sign activity. In the other activities, it causes the word to be spoken when the correct card is tapped. Turn off to suppress.

  • Play Try Again

    If this is on (the default) the words “try again” are spoken after an incorrect card is tapped. Turn off to suppress.

  • Play Reward

    If this is on (the default) the sound of applause is played after a correct match. Turn off to suppress.

  • Enable Editing

    If you turn this off, it will prevent making changes to the categories and signs (enabling or disabling them, or selecting between multiple signs for a word). It will also prevent making any changes to profiles or modifying the text, picture or recorded sound for any signs. This also hides the Reset facility (see below).

  • Shuffle Signs

    By default, each activity works through the signs in order (as listed in Sign Categories and in the lists of signs in each category). If you turn this on, the signs are shuffled when each activity is started, so as to appear in an unpredictable order.


When viewing the Sign Categories you can tap the Options button at the top left, and select Reset. This will revert the app's contents and settings to the state when first installed. In particular, this will:

  • delete any profiles, photos and sound recordings you have added
  • reset which categories and signs are enabled, and which sign is selected for words that have more than one sign
  • revert all settings to their default values

Warning: This cannot be undone!

As a precaution, to prevent accidental reset, you will be prompted to enter the word “reset” to confirm you wish to do this. The reset option is hidden completely if you turn off Enable Editing in the app's Settings.

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