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Special Sentences User Guide - Getting Started

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Special Sentences home page

When you launch Special Sentences, it displays its main view, showing a list of topics. It comes with five built in topics for you to begin with. As you add your own topics, these are displayed as well. You can organise your topics into collections: in this case, only the topics in the currently-selected collection are displayed. Chapter 6 explains all about collections.

To start the sentence builiding activity in a topic, you tap its title or picture. To update an existing topic, you tap its ⓘ; button on the right. To create a new topic, you tap the + button at the top.

Tapping the Edit button allows you to rearrange the order of the topics, and delete any you no longer need. You cannot un-delete a topic once you've deleted it.

Please note that you cannot update the built in topics. You can delete it, just like any other topic, if you decide you no longer need it.

If you tap the Action button at the top left, you are presented with some Extra Actions, including facilities for changing settings, managing collections, sharing topics and collections from one device to another, and accessing documentation on the Special iApps website.

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