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Special Sentences User Guide - Settings

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Special Sentences - settings

The settings for Special Sentences can be accessed from the menu button in the main view, and will look similar to those shown here.

  • Animation speed

    Slide to the left to slow down the pace of all activities, or to the right to speed them up.

  • Using Sound - At start

When this is ON, the sentence in the acivity is spoken when it appears. This can help children who are just starting to use the activities, or who are struggling with sentence building. Once skills have developed, you may want to turn it OFF: otherwise the sound may provide too much help, so you're not testing your child's visual recognition of words and sentence building at all.

  • Using Sound - After match

Turn this OFF if you don't want the sentence spoken after it is matched.

  • Using Sound - On card click

By default this is ON which plays the audio for the word when you card to match.

  • Using Sound - Tapping pictures

By default this is ON which plays the audio for the whole setnence when you tap the photo.

  • Reward

By default, after each page of cards is matched, the cards wiggle back and forward and an applause sound is played, as a reward for completing the page. Turn OFF if you want to disable rewards, or select only Animation or Sound rewards..

  • Hint

This allows you to choose how text is displayed in the acitivty. By default this is flash hint (ON)the text hint colour is blue.  

Options are Always (the sentence to complete is shown), Flash (the words to match are shown then disappear, if you tap the image then the flash hint is repeated), None (there are no visual text hints shown). 

  • Font

You can change the font used to display the text in topics. By default, the Special Letters font included with Special Sentences is used. The app also includes two OpenDyslexic fonts, designed to increase readability for users with dyslexia, and you can select these here, as well as the standard Android Sans Serif and Serif fonts.

  • Text style

Choose from UPPERCASE, lowercase, Sentence case, or Title Case, depending on your learning style. 

  • Colours

Changing the background from white to black, and the text colour from black to white or yellow may be helpful for some children with visual impairment.

  • Editing 

Turn this OFF to prevent accidental changes to all topics, especially if you have left your child to read on their own. This then disables editing and rearranging existing sentences and adding new ones. It also disables most of the buttons in the Extra Actions view.

  • Child safety gate

The child safety gate (also sometimes called a parental gate, parental lock or parental control) is designed to prevent children inadvertently changing the settings, importing or exporting content, or opening websites from the app.

The gate is enabled by default, so that whenever you select the SettingsSharing or Help from the main menu in the main view, you are required to enter the answer to a calculation to continue, for example:

9 - 3 + 4 =

You can disable the gate, so that access to these activities is unrestricted, other than by the Editing setting above. To do this, turn this switch OFF. You will at that point be presented with one last calculation to perform, in order to confirm your intention. You can re-visit this setting and turn the switch back ON to re-enable the gate.

Note: The gate cannot prevent the child from leaving the app by pressing the device's home button and then opening another app


There is a Reset option accessible from the menu in the app's main view. This will undo all changes you have made to Special Sentences since you installed it on the device. This includes removing all collections and all topics you have created, and restoring the app's settings to their default values. You cannot undo this once you've done it.

After confirming that you wish to reset the app, you have to reconfirm by typing the word “Reset” into the box that appears. This is to reduce the chances of a child resetting the app unintentionally. To further prevent accidental use of the Reset button, turn the Editing option off in the Settings, as described above.

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