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Match & Find User Guide - Switch Control

Currently only available for iOS users

The Match & Find app has built in support for simple use of 1 or 2 Bluetooth switches: to enable this, use its settings, as described in Chapter 2, to select how many you will be using. To use this feature, firstly ensure that Switch Control in Apple's Settings app is turned OFF, because otherwise this takes precedence.

Match & Find offers two different scanning modes:

  • With 1 switch

    Clicking will display a red highlighting border around the first touchable item on the screen, and then cycle this border round the other items indefinitely until clicked again, when it will select the currently highlighted item as if tapped on the screen. The cycling speed is tied to the Animation Speed setting (next to the top red arrow opposite), giving a range of about 1 to 10 seconds per item, with a default middle setting of about 3 seconds.

  • With 2 switches

    The first switch highlights a different item each time it is clicked, and the second switch performs the selection.


You can use switches from the main view to select any activity, and within any activity to play it. Accessing the app's settings or help using a switch is not supported. You may want to enable automatic repeating of activities in the app's settings, before using switches.

We have tested Match & Find using the APPlicator switch interface and Smoothie 75 switches manufactured by Pretorian Technologies Ltd. Other switches and interfaces should also work provided they emulate a Bluetooth keyboard with space and enter or ~1 and ~3 keys. In fact, you can also use any standard Bluetooth keyboard that works with your Apple device, by pressing its Space Bar and Enter keys.

If you have any difficulty getting your switches to work, check whether they generate any input with other apps on your device, e.g. Notes, Pages or Safari. If the switches are connected and configured correctly, then you should be able to use them to input space and enter or ~1 and ~3 key-presses in these apps, without the on-screen keyboard appearing. If these work, double-check that you have configured the appropriate number of switches in the Settings for Match & Find.

If you have problems caused by switches unintentionally being pressed multiple times or being held down, you can alleviate this by adjusting the options in Settings app > Accessibility > Keyboards > Key Repeat (in iOS 13 and later) or General > Accessibility > Keyboard > Key Repeat (in iOS 9 to 12).


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