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My 1st Signs User Guide - Introduction

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My 1st Signs contains activities to help teach children to recognise and use signs, and to increase their vocabulary of signs and words. It includes BSL sign graphics from the Let's Sign BSL Series by Cath Smith, along with matching pictures, written words, and optional use of spoken words.


This app includes over 200 sign illustrations: before starting the activities, you should select which signs you want to use. It also has a number of settings you may need to adjust to suit your child's ability. You can personalise the app with your own text, photos and spoken words.

If you are using the app with more than one child, you can work with a different set of signs and different personalised resources for each child, by creating additional profiles. Using profiles also provides a way to back up your personalised data.

The app is not a dictionary, and does not include animated signs or videos: to teach a child new signs you will need to use the app alongside them, and show and use the signs yourself as part of a wider signing environment.