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My 1st Signs User Guide - Managing Profiles

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If you use the app with more than one child, or have particular sets of enabled categories and signs you wish to switch between using, you can make use of its Profiles facility. To see the profiles you currently have, tap the Options button at the top right when viewing the Sign Categories, and select Profiles.

Each profile independently manages:

  • which categories and signs are enabled or disabled
  • which sign is selected for any word that has more than one sign graphic
  • changes made to the written text for signs, and added photos and audio

To change the name of a profile, tap its ⓘ button to the right. You can then also add a paragraph of notes about the profile, if you wish. Initially, you will have just one profile, named Profile 1.

To add a new profile, tap the + button at the top. To rearrange the order of the profiles in the list, or to delete any, tap the Edit button at the top right.

One profile is selected at any time: this is indicated by the tick (check) to the left of its name. To select a different profile, tap its name. All the activities in the app use whichever profile is currently selected, and you must return to the list of profiles whenever you wish to select a different one.

Sharing Profiles

You can export a profile from one iPad and import it on another, as a way of copying the configuration and data associated with the profile. Both devices must have My 1st Signs installed. There are two ways to do this:

  • Using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi

    With both iPads on the same Wi-Fi network, or the two physically close to each other with Bluetooth enabled, make sure you have selected the profile of interest on the sending device, tap Export Profile on the sending one and Import Profile on the receiving one. Then tap Use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi when prompted on both.

    The data is then transferred directly between the two devices. On the receiving iPad, you will be prompted with a choice of adding as a new profile or replacing an existing one.

    Devices running My 1st Signs 1.3.0 and later cannot connect using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi with devices running earlier versions. Devices running iOS 6 can only use this feature over Wi-Fi, not Bluetooth.

  • Using Email

    Your iPads must be connected to the Internet to use this. Select the profile of interest on the sending device, tap Export Profile, and then Use Email. Complete the partially composed email and send. The profile will be sent as an email attachment.

    On the receiving device, open the email in the Mail app, and tap the attachment. If given a choice of apps, select My 1st Signs. The app will open and prompt you with a choice of adding as a new profile or replacing an existing one.

  • To another device using AirDrop

    If you have another device with My 1st Signs installed, and both devices support AirDrop, you can AirDrop the profile to the other device. When you accept the file on the other device, My 1st Signs will automatically launch, and allow you to import the profile. To export using AirDrop, tap Export Profile, then Copy to ..., and then the AirDrop icon.

  • To certain cloud-storage apps

    If you have installed the DropBox, Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive app on your device, you can copy the profile to these cloud services. You may like to use this to create cloud backups of changes you have made to profiles, or to share with other people who have My 1st Signs. Tap Export Profile, then Copy to ..., and then the icon for the relevant cloud service.

    If your device runs iOS 10 or later, and you have enabled the iCloud Drive app, you can copy the profile to iCloud Drive by using Copy to ... and selecting the option Add To iCloud Drive. This is not possible at iOS 9 or earlier.

Backing Up Your Data

If you use iTunes on a Mac or PC to back up your iPad, the backup will include the configuration and data in My 1st Signs, including any resources you have added. If you later use iTunes to restore this backup to the same iPad or to a different one, this will restore all the content from My 1st Signs.

If you just use iCloud to back up your iPad, or you don't back it up at all, you will not have a back up of the data from My 1st Signs, and will lose your configuration and personalised data if you lose the device.

To protect your data, you can use one of the sharing options above to take a safe copy. If you use the email option to export a profile, you can save the mail attachment on a Mac or PC, in case you need to email it back to the iPad later.