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My 1st Signs User Guide - Personalising

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You can personalise My 1st Signs by using your own pictures, written and spoken text. For instance, you may prefer a variation in the written and spoken word (e.g. “bike” or “bicycle”), or to replacemy-1st-signs-ios-editing.png an included picture with one of your own (e.g. a photo of the child's own cat). You may also like to replace some of the spoken text with your own voice (or your child's) perhaps to better match your accent.

To do this, open the Sign Categories view, navigate to the category and sign of interest, and open the sign's Reference Sheet (by tapping the ⓘ button to the right of the category, and then the same again to the right of the sign).

Tap Edit at the top right of the reference sheet, to display the Word Editing Sheet, as shown to the right.

To change the written text, tap the text box and use the on-screen keyboard. Tap the Done button on the keyboard when finished.

You can replace the picture with a photo of your own: tap Choose Picture to select one from your iPad's photo library, or Take Picture to take a photo with the camera. If you can, use a landscape orientation photo, these work better than portrait.

To replace the spoken word, tap Record Sound, speak clearly, and tap the button again (it will now say Stop Recording). You can use Play Sound to check it sounds ok.

When you have finished, tap Save. If at some later point you want to undo your changes, open the Word Editing Sheet, tap Set To Default and save again.

If you have created multiple profiles, you can use Copy to copy a sign from the currently-selected profile to another one. This will set the written and spoken text, picture, and choice of sign (in cases where a word has a choice of sign graphic) for the corresponding sign in the other profile to match this one. Using profiles is explained in detail in the next chapter.


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