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My 1st Signs User Guide - Selecting Signs

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my-1st-signs-categories_0.pngThe signs built into this app are grouped into categories, such as Pets and Farm. Tap Sign Categories in the tab bar at the bottom to see the complete list of categories, as shown to the right.

Selecting Categories

To enable or disable a category, tap its name. When disabled, its signs and text are shown faded, indicating that the signs in this category will not be included in the activities. You can choose to have just one or many categories enabled at the same time.

To quickly enable or disable all categories, tap the Options button at the top right, and choose Select All or Select None.

Selecting Individual Signs

To enable or disable an individual sign, tap the sign: it will be shown faded when disabled. Where there are more signs in a category than fit across the screen, you can slide the signs left or right to reveal them all.

Where a number in a circle is shown in the top left corner of a sign, it indicates that there is more than one sign available for the same word: you can select between these as explained below.

Inside a Category

To see more details of the signs in an individual category, tap the ⓘ button to the right of its signs. You will then see a view like the one shown below.my-1st-signs-sign-list_0.png

  • To Choose Between Signs for a Word

    In some cases the app includes more than one sign for the same word, to cater for regional and other variations. Select the one you prefer by tapping it: the others will be shown faded.

  • To Disable or Enable a Sign

    Tap a sign's text to disable or enable its use in the activities. This has the same effect as tapping a sign in the Sign Categories view, as described above.

    When a sign is disabled, its text, signs and associated picture are all shown faded.

    To quickly enable or disable all signs in this category, tap the Options button at the top right, and choose Select All or Select None.

  • To Learn How to Make the Sign

    ⓘ button to the right to pop up a Reference Sheet explaining how to make the sign, as shown to the right.

    The description on a reference sheet may refer to handshapes and fingerspelling. To see a summary of these, close the sheet, tap the Options button at the top right, and select Handshapes or Fingerspelling.

  • my-1st-signs-reference.pngTo Personalise Text, Photos and Spoken Words

    If you tap the Edit button on a reference sheet, you can then personalise the written text, photo or spoken word associated with a sign. This is explained in detail in Chapter 5.

Searching for Signs

To search for a sign, tap in the search box at the top of the Sign Categories view, and enter text using the on-screen keyboard. A list of all the signs that begin with this text will be shown. Tapping any sign in the list will take you directly to its Reference Sheet.

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