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Special Numbers User Guide - Settings

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Tapping the Settings button at the top right in the opening view of Special Numbers displays its Settings, as shown below.

Special Numbers - settings iOS     Special Numbers - settings Android

Note: You will have to open the Child Safety Gate in order to proceed. This is explained in more detail below.

Under the heading Activities are the settings specific to each activity: tap the activity name to show these, and refer to the chapter on each activity for further details.

All the other settings are common to all activities:

  • Animation Speed

    Slide to the left to slow down the pace of all activities, or to the right to speed them up.

  • Instructions

    Controls the behaviour of the Instructions button in each activity. Set to Text to display written instructions, Sound to play audio instructions, Sound And Text for both, or to None to hide the button. The default is Both.

  • Reward

    You can set this to show an animated reward (wiggling of the objects), to play an audible reward (clapping), both or neither, when you successfully complete an activity. The default is to use both.

  • Tap Arrow To Move On

    When it’s time to move on to the next step within an activity, a blue arrow normally appears, and you need to tap it to proceed. Turn OFF to instead move on automatically without showing the arrow. If you have turned this off, but you want an activity to automatically restart from the beginning when finished, use the padlock button, as described in Chapter 2.

  • Editing

    Turn OFF to automatically padlock each activity when it starts and to disable the Reset button in the opening view.

  • Remember Activity

    If this is ON, and you forcibly quit the app or power off your device while an activity is active, the same activity is automatically selected next time you start the app. If you turn it OFF, the app will instead always display its opening view when restarting.

  • Number Font

    Selects the font used for displaying number digits and number words. On iOS, you can choose between ChalkboardHelvetica (the default), Special Letters, and Times New Roman.  On Android, you can choose between Special LettersAndroid Sans Serif (the default), Android SerifOpen Dyslexic and Open Dyslexic Alta. Our Special Letters font includes digits and letters with minimal decoration. 

  • Background

    Sets the background colour for all activities: white, silver or black.

Please Note:

If you have more than 1 profile (as described in Chapter 10), the settings you see and any changes you make to them apply to the current profile only, apart from the Remember Activity setting, which applies to all profiles.

Child Safety Gate

The child safety gate (also sometimes called a parental gate, parental lock or parental control) is designed to protect children against navigating out of the app and visiting websites with unsuitable content, etc.

Whenever you tap the SettingsOnline Documentation or Manage Profiles buttons in the main view, you are required to enter the answer to a calculation to continue, for example:

  9 - 3 + 4 =

In this case, the answer would be 10. Note: The gate cannot prevent the child from leaving the app by pressing the device's home button and then opening another app. To lock the user temporarily into any app on iOS, we recommend making use of Apple's built-in Guided Access facility.

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