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Special Sentences User Guide - Updating Topics

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To update a sentence, tap the button to the right of the topic in the main view. This reveals the same editing view of the sentence you used when creating it. To rearrange the order of the sentences, or to delete a sentence, tap the Edit button top right, and that will make the view look like something like shown below:

Special Sentences - delete a sentence

You can drag sentences up and down (using the icons on the right) to reorder them.

To delete a sentence, tap the red and white icon to the left, and then tap the red Delete button that appears to confirm deletion. Once you have deleted a sentence you cannot un-delete it. When you have finished rearranging sentences, tap the Done button.

When you tap the Edit button, the Close button is replaced by a Copy button. Using this allows you to copy or move the topic: either within the currently selected collection, or to any other collection you have, or to a new collection. You can use this to rearrange the contents of your collections. Chapter 7 explains in detail how to manage and use collections.

If you want to add a new sentence tap +, or to update an existing sentence tap the button to the right of the sentence.

In either case, this will reveal the same sentence editor you used when creating the topic, allowing you to set the text, picture and sound for a new sentence, or to change any of these in an existing sentence.

A new sentence is always added at the end of the topic, but you can move it up after you've added it, as described above.

When you have finished, tap the Close button to return to the main view.

Special Sentences - list of sentences in topic

There may be cases where you want to copy an individual sentence from one topic to another. To do this, tap the topic's button in the main view, and then the button for the sentence you want to copy. You'll see the sentence editing view has a Copy button at the top, as shown below. Tap this button, and you'll be presented with a list of your topics: simply tap the one you want to copy to. This adds a copy of the sentence as the last sentence in the topic you choose, with the same text, picture and sound as the original. The top option in the list of topics is always Add new topic: you can use this to create a new topic initially containing just a copy of this sentence.

A copy of a sentence is completely independent of the original sentence: you can go on to update either without affecting the other.

Special Sentences - copy sentence iOS

If you have more than one collection of topics (as explained in detail in Chapter 7), you will be offered a list of all your collections so you can choose one, before choosing one of the topics in that collection. Refer to Chapter 7 for more details about managing collections.

One use for copying a sentence is in the situation where you have exported a topic from one device, imported it on another, and then gone on to add different sentences to each. If you then want to merge the additions back into a single topic, the Copy option helps make this easy. Refer to Chapter 9 for details of how to export and import topics.

If you refer back to the first image in this chapter, you'll see that after you tap the Edit button, the + button is replaced by a button. If you tap this, it reveals the Topic Details view, with a number of fields you can update, as shown below:

  • Title

    Editing this changes the title of the topic, as shown in the app's main view. By default it's the same as the text on the topic's first page, but you can change it here to something different.

  • Author

    This is initially blank, but if you enter your name, it will appear above the topic's number of sentences in the main view, and be included in the sentence footers if you print or email yourself the topic as a PDF attachment (as described in Chapter 9).

  • Copyright

    This is also initially blank. If you enter details here, they are displayed below the topic's number of sentences in the main view, and in the page footers in PDF copies, preceded by a © symbol.

  • Notes

    You can enter any notes or jottings about the topic here. They are not shown in the main view.

Special Sentences - topic details iOS

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