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Special Spelling User Guide - Introduction

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Special Spelling is an app designed to help develop young children's word spelling, understanding vowels, identifying spelling patterns and letter sounds, as well as improving their listening skills, memory and sound production. For all children spelling helps with their reading skills. Learning to spell cements the connections between letters and sounds, helping to improve both reading and writing as well as speech and communication. Special Spelling can be used alongside Special Words, which is an app that supports whole word matching activities, as well as our other apps Special Stories, Special Numbers and Match & Find.

There are 6 activities: Spell The WordFind The First LetterFind the EndingFind The VowelFind The Double Letters, and Find The Sound. All are clear, uncluttered, and can be used in any order. Each activity is configurable allowing you to set the level of difficulty to suit your child, and adjust to their ability as confidence grows. This includes setting the word length limit, extra cards, hints, sounds and rewards.

Special Spelling - activities home screen iOS     Special Spelling - activities home screen Android

Special Spelling comes with the same 96 written words children use in their early vocabulary as featured in Special Words. You can personalise by editing the words/pictures or adding your own, reordering or deleting.

You can easily transfer your word lists between devices, using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or e-mail. You can have more than one set of words, or profiles in the app, and this can be especially useful if working with more than one child. You can save time by sharing your resources between our Special Words app. The app has built-in help you can access by tapping the Options button at the top right in the main view.

The current version supports American and British English. We hope to include additional languages in future versions. If you think this app would be beneficial in another language, get in touch by sending us an email to support@specialiapps.org.