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Special Stories User Guide - Extra Actions

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In web-based and native iOS editions: Tapping the Actions button at the top left in the main view reveals a choice of extra actions. Unless you have disabled the Child Safety Gate in Settings, you will have to enter the answer to a simple calculation in order to proceed.

In native Android editions: The following features are available in the Sharing view in Special Stories, which you can access by tapping Sharing in the main view's menu.

Some of these will permanently remove your existing stories from Special Stories, so use with caution:


Tap the Settings button to inspect or change the app's settings. Refer back to Chapter 7 for details of all the settings options, as well as the Reset and Logout options.

View Online Documentation

This displays the current online documentation for Special Stories, from the Special iApps website. If you are not running the latest version, we suggest you update the app, otherwise the documentation may not exactly describe the version you are using. You will need to have an Internet connection (using Wi-Fi or cellular data) in order to access the documentation.

In web-based and native iOS editions: This will launch Apple's Safari app: you can prevent this by disabling Safari in the Settings app (in General > Restrictions) or by running Special Stories using Apple's Guided Access facility.

Manage Collections

As explained in in Chapter 6, you can group stories together into named collections. Tapping this button presents a view showing all the collections you have, and allows you to add and remove them, rename them and select which one you want to be working with. 

Export Story and Import Story

These 2 buttons allow you to transfer stories between devices that you have Special Stories installed. From here you can also copy your stories as a word list in Special Words and a topic in Special Sentences, and email them in PDF formats. Except in the case of PDF, these options allow you to transfer the spoken words for a story, as well as its text and pictures.

There are a few differences between iOS, Android and Special Stories Plus relating to Importing and Exporting word lists so we have split these into sub chapters. ,Click on the sections below relating to one relevant to you to learn more:

8.1 Native iOS Editions

8.2 Native Android Editions

8.3 Web-Based Editions

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