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Special Stories User Guide - Reading a Story

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Read Your Story

To read a story, tap its title text or picture in the main view. The story's first page will be shown, and the sound you recorded will be played.

You can turn forward and backward through the pages of the story, by tapping the blue arrow buttons. On an iPhone, iPad or Android device, you have the choice of reading the story in portrait or landscape orientation. If you prefer to swipe to turn the pages, you can select this as an option in the app's settings.

There are also options in the Settings to automate the turning of pages, so that the story advances by itself, or when each picture is tapped. You can find out more about this in Chapter 8.

To return to the main view showing the list of stories, tap the Stories button at the top left.

Special Stories Plus - reading a story

Table of Contents

You can reveal the story's table of contents, by tapping the page number at the top. Tap the entry for any page to go to that page, or tap the page number at the top again to close. To prevent the table of contents from being shown, disable editing in the app's Settings.

Special Stories Plus - story contents

Hearing the Text

By default, the spoken words for each page are played when the page appears, and can be played again by tapping the picture (or, if the page has no picture, by tapping the area where the picture would be). You can turn either or both off from the Settings, as described in Chapter 8.

Lock to Story

There is a Lock to Story padlock button at the top right. When this is open you can stop reading the story and return to the main view at any time, by tapping the Stories button. You can close the padlock, by pressing and holding it for more than 3 seconds. This locks the app in the story, by hiding the Stories button. This can be useful to allow a young child or person with learning difficulties or poor fine motor skills to navigate through the story for themselves, without straying elsewhere. To open the padlock, press and hold it again.

Special Stories Plus - lock

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