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Special Words User Guide - Downloadable Resources

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Special Words Plus features 550+ word lists from Special iApps, Symbols from The Makaton Charity (depending on the Makaton Membership level), and 70+ Numicon resources to download, with more added monthly.

To download the resources tap Import Word List then Download. You will then be presented with 3 options: Special iApps, Makaton and Numicon. The following instructions are about downloading resources from Special iApps, but you can follow the same steps for Makaton and Numicon resources.

Tap Special iApps and you will then be presented with a list of Collections to choose from, you may have to scroll to see them all. Each collection contains a number of word lists to download. Simply select the collection and then tap the word list you would like. You will then be given more information about the word list and how many words it contains. Tap Download and choose Add new profile when prompted.

Once downloaded you can re-record audio, change text and replace images with your own photos to suit your child's learning needs.

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Please Note

Some downloadable resources have copyright restrictions, and may not be redistributed in electronic or paper form without the permission of the copyright owners. These include resources licensed by Special iApps from third parties, including Oxford University Press (in the case of Numicon resources) and The Makaton Charity (for Makaton symbols). If in any doubt as to your legal obligations, please contact Special iApps or the copyright owner.

In the case of Makaton resources, you will be required to enter your Makaton username (usually your email address) and associated 6-digit Makaton Membership ID (not your Makaton password). You only need to do this the first time you download Makaton resources. You can find your Membership ID by signing in on the Makaton website and inspecting your account details.

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