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Special Words User Guide - Extra Actions

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In web-based and native iOS editions: Tapping the Actions button at the top right in the Word List view reveals a choice of extra actions.

In native Android editions: Tapping the Sharing button in the main menu from the Word List view reveals a choice of extra actions.


Tap the Settings button to inspect or change the app's settings. Refer back to Chapter 4 for details of all the settings options, as well as the Reset and Logout options.

View Online Documentation

This displays the current online documentation for Special Words, from the Special iApps website. If you are not running the latest version, we suggest you update the app, otherwise the documentation may not exactly describe the version you are using. You will need to have an Internet connection in order to access the documentation.

Manage Profiles

It is possible to have more than one list of words, each is referred to as a profile. Each profile can have a different set of words, pictures and sounds, and each profile can use a different language. Tap this button to show the Profile Manager: how to use this is explained in Chapter 6.

Export Word List and Import Word List

These 2 buttons allow you to transfer your customisations between devices that have Special Words installed. If you've added, deleted or re-ordered any words, or changed the text, picture or sound for any words on one device, your changes can be exactly replicated to other devices. So you could, for instance, export from a phone and import to a tablet. From here you can also open any word list as a story in Special Stories or word list in Special Spelling.

If you have created additional profiles, exporting will offer you a choice of which profile to export: see Chapter 6 for an explanation of this.

There are a few differences between iOS, Android and Special Words Plus relating to Importing and Exporting word lists so we have split these into sub chapters, click on the sections below relating to one relevant to you to learn more:

5.1 Native iOS Editions

5.2 Native Android Editions

5.3 Web-Based Editions

Girl using printed resources from Special Words


The Print button is present in Special Words Plus only. You can use it to print:

  • Picture Cards
  • Word Cards
  • Assessment Form

In each case, you can choose to send directly to a printer, or to email as a PDF to use or print elsewhere. When printing cards, the currently selected profile and language are used, as well as the cards per page, font, large text and shuffle settings. The assessment form also uses the current profile, language and font, and has 3 blank columns for you to record the child's progress.

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