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Special Words User Guide - Printing

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Printing in Special Words Plus

The Print feature can be used to print the resources you have created or downloaded resources from Special iApps, Makaton or Numicon, for paper-based activities and assessment.

To print tap Actions in the top right of the Word List view, then tap Print. You will be presented a list of printing options to select from, then a list of all the profiles you have within the app. Choose which word list you would like to print and you will then be shown printer options. From here you can then select which printer to send the pages to, as well as selecting specific pages to print.

Printing Options

Special Words Plus has the choice of printing 3 different formats. You can use it to print:

  • Picture Cards
  • Word Cards
  • Assessment Form

Special Words Plus - picture cards  Special Words Plus - word cards  Special Words Plus - assessment sheets

In each case, you can choose to send directly to a printer, or to save as a PDF to use or print elsewhere. When printing cards, the currently selected profile and language are used, as well as the cards per page, font, large text and shuffle settings. The assessment form also uses the current profile, language and font, and has 3 blank columns for you to record the child's progress.

Set Paper Size

In the Settings you can choose which paper size to print to. There are a range of commonly used paper sizes to choose from, select which one you would like to use and the resources will be scaled to size when printing.

swx-print-settings.jpg swx-print-paper-size.jpg

Notes for iOS Users

If you has previously cancelled printing from the app, the next time you request it to print you may be presented with a message "This website has been blocked from automatically printing" and a choice of Ignore or Allow. Select Allow to continue with printing.

If you wish to save as a PDF instead of sending to a printer, proceed as far as the iOS printing dialog, then pinch outwards with 2 fingers on one of the page previews shown. This will reveal an action button that you can use to select a destination for the PDF file, for example to AirDrop to another device, send as an email attachment, or save to Files.

Owing to a limitation of iOS, it is not possible to suppress the page footers added by Safari when printing. Furthermore, a bug in Safari can cause these footers to be printed across the middle of the page instead of at the bottom (for instance, after selecting A3 paper). In this case, the position of the footers can be corrected by switching Orientation in the device's printing dialog from Portrait to Landscape and then immediately back to Portrait again.

Note for Safari on Mac Users

If you has previously cancelled printing from the app, the next time you ask it to print you may be presented with a message "This webpage is trying to print. Do you want to print this webpage?" and a choice of Cancel or Print. Owing to an Apple bug, even if you select Print, all printed pages will subsequently be blank unless you close the app and reopen it. Because of this and other limitations in Safari, we recommend using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge instead of Safari to run our web apps on macOS.

Printing Makaton Resources

Unless you have associated Special Words Plus with a Premium Makaton Membership, you will only be permitted to print word cards or assessment forms for word lists containing Makaton symbols: not picture cards. Refer to Chapter 9 for more information.

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