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Special Words User Guide - Sharing

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Export and Import Word Lists

Tap the Actions button at the top right in the Word List view to reveal a choice of extra actions.

There are two buttons, Import Word List and Export Word List which allow you to transfer your resources between devices that have Special Words Plus installed.

If you've added, deleted or re-ordered any words, or changed the text, picture or sound for any words on one device, your changes can be exactly replicated to other devices. So you could, for instance, export from a phone and import to a tablet. From here you can also open any word list as a story in Special Stories Plus or word list in Special Spelling Plus.

If you have created additional profiles, exporting will offer you a choice of which profile to export. Managing profiles is explained further in Chapter 7.

Export Word List

Tapping Export Word List will bring up a list of all the word lists you have created in the app. Select the profile you want to export and then the format: Special Words, Special Stories or Special Spelling. The following instructions detail exporting in Special Words format, instructions for exporting to Special Stories are below.


On Desktop:

The file will either automatically be saved in your Downloads folder, or you will have a choice of which folder to use (depending on your browser's download settings). From there you can then open the app in Special Words or Special Stories, send it to other devices, share with friends and family, or create backups of your word lists for safe keeping.

On iOS:

You will be presented with a page which will allow you to do a number of things. Selecting More... or the share button will allow you to Save to Files on the device, send the word list via email, copy to another device using AirDrop and copy to certain cloud-storage apps you have installed​.

On Android:

The file will automatically be saved to the Downloads area on your device. From there you can then open it in the relevant app, send it to other devices, or create backups of your word lists for safe keeping.

Exporting to Special Stories

When you choose this option, you have exported a file that can be opened by Special Stories. You can open this on the same device (if you have Special Stories installed) or save it and then send via email, AirDrop, etc, to open in Special Stories elsewhere. When importing in Special Stories, you can choose to add this story into an existing collection or to create a new collection, and after that you should select Add new story. Each word in the original profile in Special Words is transferred as its own page in Special Stories, and the title of the story is taken from the name of the profile: you can make changes to the story after importing it, as you would with any other story in Special Stories.

Import Word List

Tapping Import Word List presents you with 2 options: Download and Choose File. The following instructions detail importing word lists using the Choose File option. You can find out more about using the Download button to download our free resources in Chapter 9.


On Desktop:

After tapping Choose File, the file browser or navigator will open. Locate the file you want to add to the app then either Add New Profile or Replace... an existing profile. There is also another way to add a word list on desktops: while in Actions, drag and drop the file you are wanting on to the app's Actions page and it will ask you if you want to Add New Profile or to Replace... an existing profile.

On iOS:

After tapping Choose File, tap Browse then the Files app will open on your device. Any resources you have already saved to your device will be shown here. Simply select the resource you want to import then Add New Profile or Replace... an existing profile.

On Android:

After tapping Choose File, the Files app will open on your device. This allows you to search for any resource that you have saved on your device. Simple select the resource you want to import then tap Done. You will then be taken back to the app and asked if you want to Add New Profile or Replace... an existing profile.

Please note:

In Special Words Plus your content and settings within the app are stored locally on the device in an area managed by your web browser, but NOT synchronised with any cloud storage service. Clearing website data in your browser will DELETE your content from the app. We strongly recommend you export your word lists to somewhere safe on another device, on a regular basis, to avoid unexpected loss of content that is valuable to you.

Transferring Content from Old Native Editions

Old native editions of Special Words downloaded from app stores are no longer supported. However, if you have one of these you should transfer any valuable content to the current web-based edition as soon as possible, as the old app may cease to work in the future.

If you export a file from one of our native apps in its own format, you can then import it into the associated web app.

For instance, in native Special Words on iOS, use Export Word List > Copy to... > Choose Format > Special Words > Save to Files, and then import into the new edition as described above. Repeat for each profile you wish to transfer.

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