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How do I buy your apps for Apple devices?

If you are a parent or carer, or a professional not based in a school, you can purchase our apps for iPad and iPhone using the App Store app on your device. The easiest way to find one of our apps on the App Store is to visit our website on your device, tap the Download on the App Store badge that's near the top of each page, and then select the app from the drop-down list. Alternatively, search for Special iApps on the store.

You can also subscribe monthly or annually to our web app Special Words Plus directly from our website. You can also manage or cancel your subscription from our website.

To purchase any of our apps for a school, see the answer to the question below.

How do I buy your apps for Android devices?

Our apps are available on both the Google Play Store and the Amazon Appstore. To find the Special iApps page on either store, tap the store button at the top of this page.

An easy way to find a specific app of ours from your smartphone is to open our website, select the app (just below Our Apps) from the menu button on our website to get to the app's page, and then tap the Google Play or Amazon Appstore button.

You can also subscribe monthly or annually to our web app Special Words Plus directly from our website. You can also manage or cancel your subscription from our website.

Note that for non-personal use (e.g. in a school) you must buy a separate copy of each app for every Android device you wish to use it on.

How do I buy your apps for my school?

Schools can purchase multiple licenses of Special Words Plus directly from Special iApps. You can find out more about this here.

If you are buying any iPad or iPhone app for a school or other educational establishment, you must purchase enough licences to cover the number of devices on which you want to install the app. Instead of using the standard App Store, your establishment needs to be registered to use Apple School Manager or Volume Purchase Programme (VPP). There is a 50% discount if you purchase 20 or more copies of the same app. Please note that app bundles such as the Special Collection are not available for schools to download through Apple School Manager.

Registered schools can make educational purchases from Safari on an iPad or Mac, or Chrome or Edge on a Windows computer. If you tap or click the Download for your School badge on any page of our website, and select an app from the drop-down list, it will take you to the purchase page on the educational store. Alternatively, to see all of our apps, search for Special iApps C.I.C. on the store.

If Apple's educational store is not available in your country, please contact Apple Support.

You can also install the Android versions of our apps on compatible Chromebooks, but you must buy one licence for each app on each device. For an overview of using Chromebooks, see our blog. Contact us if you have questions about licensing and deployment.

Are your apps available for other devices?

Special Words Plus is available for iPad, iPhone, Android, Chromebook, Windows and Mac, which for personal use you can subscribe to directly from our website. To purchase a subscription for multiple devices (for example, in a school), please contact us.

All our other apps are currently only available for iPad, iPhone, Android and Chromebook.

Our apps for Android are available for Amazon Fire Tablets and can also be used on recent Google Chromebooks that include Android app compatibility. For further details see our blog article.

What ages of children are your apps suitable for?

A very wide range! Most have settings to adjust the level to suit a wide range of abilities. Several have facilities to add personal content, to engage children and keep them interested. Our Special Words and Special Stories apps are widely used with children from one year old, up to adults with learning difficulties.

Do I need training before I can use your apps?

No, they are very easy and intuitive to use, and several include a Quick Start Guide. To familiarise yourself with all the things you can do with an app, you may like to read its detailed User Guide on our website.

We do run very popular Training Workshops, where you can try our apps and share ideas with other users. We cover our own apps, how to find other good apps, and getting the most out of iPads and other tablets.

Currently, workshops are only available in the UK and Ireland, but we are hoping to expand to other countries. Please let us know if you would be interested, wherever you are.

More about workshops ►

What is your privacy policy?

As parents of children with learning disabilities, we take privacy very seriously. Please read our Privacy Policy.

Do you provide free promo codes?

Please read our Promo Code Policy.

What happened to your Touch Apps, My 1st Signs and Special Words Pro?

We have stopped offering all these apps, but if you have previously downloaded any, you may continue to use them.

Based on customer feedback and development, we have made many of the features and resources in our archived apps available to access in several of our other apps. You can find out more about our legacy apps here

What was your connection with See and Learn?

Versions of our Special Words and Touch-Words apps available up to March 2016, and versions of our Special Numbers app available up to December 2014, incorporated images from a now superseded edition of the See and Learn teaching programme developed by Down Syndrome Education International, used with their kind permission.

These three apps were devised and implemented by Special iApps, and were not commissioned or funded by any other organisation. All currently-available versions contain only original artwork created by Special iApps.

Can we commission you to write an app for us?

Please get in touch with us at to discuss working together and details of your proposal.