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What ages of children are your apps suitable for?

A very wide range! Most have settings to adjust the level to suit a wide range of abilities. Several have facilities to add personal content, to engage children and keep them interested. Our Special Words and Special Stories apps are widely used with children from one year old, up to adults with learning difficulties.

Do I need training before I can use your apps?

No, they are very easy and intuitive to use, and several include a Quick Start Guide. To familiarise yourself with all the things you can do with an app, you may like to read its detailed User Guide on our website.

We do run very popular Training Workshops, where you can try our apps and share ideas with other users. We cover our own apps, how to find other good apps, and getting the most out of iPads and other tablets.

Currently, workshops are only available in the UK and Ireland, but we are hoping to expand to other countries. Please let us know if you would be interested, wherever you are.

More about workshops ►

What is your privacy policy?

As parents of children with learning disabilities, we take privacy very seriously. Please read our Privacy Policy.

Do you provide free promo codes?

We no longer provide promo codes for any app stores, as our old apps are no longer available to purchase. From time to time we offer coupon codes for our Membership Subscription. Join our Mailing List to receive all our news in your inbox.

What happened to your original apps on Apple App Store, Google Play Store and Amazon Appstore?

Effective November 2022, all of our apps on these stores have been withdrawn from sale. If you have previously bought these, you can continue to use them, and to install on any device that's associated with your store account. However, we are no longer maintaining or supporting them, they do not work on iOS 16.1 and iPadOS 16.1 or later, and may not work on future versions of Android.

If you have valuable content in these apps, and don't want to lose it, you should subscribe to Special iApps Membership, and transfer your data across. If you need help doing this, please contact us. If you purchased any during 2022, email us your store receipt(s) to obtain a membership discount.

Our new web-based apps supersede the original ones and are available as part of Special iApps Membership. They are all fully compatible with Android, Chromebook, iPad, iPhone, macOS and Windows, running supported versions of browsers and operating systems. You purchase and renew your Membership Subscription directly from us, not through any app store.

What was your connection with See and Learn?

Versions of our Special Words and Touch-Words apps available up to March 2016, and versions of our Special Numbers app available up to December 2014, incorporated images from a now superseded edition of the See and Learn teaching programme developed by Down Syndrome Education International, used with their kind permission.

These three apps were devised and implemented by Special iApps, and were not commissioned or funded by any other organisation. All currently-available versions contain only original artwork created by Special iApps.

Can we commission you to write an app for us?

Please get in touch with us at support@specialiapps.org to discuss working together and details of your proposal.