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What if I cancel my Makaton Membership?

If you still have a susbcription to one of our Plus Edition apps, you will be able to continue to use the app and access resources from Special iApps. The resources that are exclusive to Makaton will no longer be available in the app.

What if I cancel my Special iApps subscription? 

If you continue to have a Makaton Membership you can still access Makaton resources through your Membership on The Makaton Charity website. You will not be able to access the resources that are exclusively available to Special iApps. 

Can I access Makaton resources outside the UK? 

Makaton is available in other countries. The symbols are pictographic so can be used in other languages, however some symbols will be different. The symbol of bread in the UK is a traditional loaf but that used in French will be a baguette. Currently add-ons within our Plus Edition apps are only available in British English for the UK, but other languages are coming soon.

How do I contact Makaton?

For more information on using Makaton or Makaton Symbols contact The Makaton Charity at or email if your question is about Membership.