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How do I buy and install your apps?

Our new web-based apps, including Special Words Plus, Special Stories Plus and Special Spelling Plus, are available as part of Special iApps Membership. You can purchase a single licence or a 3-device licence here. These allow you to use all these apps and to try them with a 14-day free trial.

If you are a school, organisation, or looking to support a group of children, please get in touch with us to discuss your needs.

For download and installation instructions, please refer to our User Guides or Help Videos.

How do I login to an app I have installed?

You need to enter your Special iApps Membership username and product key into the login form presented by the app. Usually the username is the email address you used to purchase membership, but where an organisation has purchased multiple licences, it may be a string of letters, digits and dashes instead. Product keys are always 29 characters long, for example A3B4C-DF7P6-88RS5-9JKN8-XZY5A, and must be entered including the dashes.

Do I have to login to the app every time I use it?

No, you will normally automatically stay logged in, even if you close the app or turn the device off and back on. However, if you don't use the app for 30 days, you will be logged out.

Help! I have lost my product key

We will email your key to you if you enter your email address in the Lost or Forgotten form on the Manage Your Membership page.

Why does the app display "Too Many Devices Added"?

If, for example, you purchased a 1-device licence, then you can be logged in to each of our apps on no more than 1 device. If you try to login on too many devices, you will see this message. If you know you are logged in on another device, you can use the Actions page in that instance of the app to logout, thus freeing up a login to be used on a different device.

There can be cases where the Special iApps server has a record of a login that is no longer there. This can happen, for instance, if a device is broken or lost, or you try to login to an app using 2 different browsers on the same device (e.g. both Chrome and Edge on Windows), or if cookies have been deleted by the browser.

If this has happened, you can use the Logout of All Apps form at the bottom of the Manage Your Membership page.

How can I manage or cancel my Membership Subscription?

If you subscribed directly from our website, visit the Manage Your Membership page and complete the first form on the page. In other cases, contact us.